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Lately, I’ve grown tired of always seeing beautiful girls in advertising. And at the same time, since becoming a mum, I’ve realised how much of myself I give in everything that I do. And the impact it has on others and the world. So in my own way, I just wanted to celebrate the women we were, the women we will be, and the women we could have been if we had been born elsewhere, or if we had made different choices. At the same time, I wanted to acknowledge everything it takes to grow from a little girl, to a lover, to a mother, to a woman with purpose, success and failures. It takes passion, and courage, and strength, and so much more!

I believe in the authenticity of women, and how important it is to be honest with ourselves and with others. I also believe in diversity, and that being different is a strength and kind of “superpower” that can inspire and help those we love to grow.

I guess that’s why I always promote “customizing” when talking about DIY beauty. Because it’s so important to me to acknowledge that you are unique and so should be the image you see in your mirror. Not someone else from somewhere else in time or place. Only you.

Lily – Founder of Mademoiselle Organic

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  • Celebrating Women Gift Certificate
  • Celebrating Women Gift Certificate
  • Celebrating Women Gift Certificate

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