In our pursuit of a perfect, glowing, blemish-free complexion that shows no signs of aging, many of us out there take a wrong turn and end up with an abundance of ‘miracle’ jars by cosmetics companies promising the almost impossible. The worst part is, we often fall for the advertisement and more often than not, end up wasting precious time, money, and most importantly aggravate our skin further and cause damage to it, even though our heart was in the right place. It is for that reason that it’s time to stop trusting glamorous ads and take matters of our skin into our own hands.

A Holistic Approach to Beautifying Your Skin from the Inside Out

What many people are still unaware of is the fact that what transpires on the surface of the skin often comes as a result of something wrong inside. Sometimes, the problem lies in improper dietary habits; other times, the culprit is stress and lack of movement. Of course, there are also external factors, such as sun exposure and pollution. Therefore, the main focus should be placed on eradicating those lifestyle mistakes, which means that we should be mindful of how we treat our body. That kind of care will in turn reflect on our face, so let’s step into the world of holistic skincare and adopt a more natural way of living and nurturing ourselves as a whole.

Your outside reflects how you treat your inside

A poor diet consisting of foods such as ice-cream and other sugary foods is one of the main causes of unhealthy skin. Eating tons of sugar causes protein fibers in the body to become stiff and malformed. Plus, sugar makes your complexion more vulnerable to assailants like UV light and cigarette smoke. Next in line is milk. Believe it or not, skim milk has been linked with acne breakouts. The main culprits are hormones and milk proteins that clog pores and increase sebum production. Other types of food such as processed foods, canned goods and such aren’t even worth the mention – we’re well-aware of their negative impact on not only our skin but our overall health.

Your outside reflects how you treat your inside

Now that you know what not to eat, the question remains – what should you eat? The answer lies in magical, wonderful foods that fall under the organic category. Organic food is the food of the future, and while all fruit and vegetables are highly beneficial for you, if your primary focus is skincare, the choice can be narrowed down to the foods graced with the title ‘superfoods’. Among others, members of the superfood family include berries. They are an amazing source of vitamin C, which is vital for the formation of collagen. Then come orange fruits and vegetables, which contain high levels of beta-carotene, thus preventing damage from free radicals. Walnuts are another amazing produce as they are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are important when it comes to regulating your levels of cortisol – that nasty stress hormone. Skin moisture and repair is also a job that walnuts are perfect for.

As long as you stick to a vegetable-based diet and an organic one at that, your entire body, skin included, will reap the benefits.

Calm the busy mind

As said before, one of the main causes of poor skin is stress, closely followed by lack of movement. More and more people are chained to desks for hours on end, and the repercussions of a sedentary lifestyle can be catastrophic to your spine, cause obesity and depression, and much more.

Calm the busy mind

Now, what is the key to repairing and preventing it all? The all-encompassing solution is yoga and meditation. One of the most wonderful and most beneficial yoga asanas for great blood circulation (and therefore radiant skin) is bhujangasana (cobra pose), which makes your skin smooth and flexible. In pursuit of firm skin, turn to matsyasana (fish pose), and achieve a natural glow by mastering the Plow pose. Fighting the good fight against acne calls for the shoulder stand pose, while the triangle pose increases oxygen supply that always shows on the skin, in a positive way of course.

Final steps

Healthy nutrition and yoga are doubtlessly incredible for the skin. However, we can always use a little extra help. Sure, we are aware of the dangers numerous cosmetics ingredients pose for our skin, but luckily, there are ways to work around this. Almost everything you need can be made in your very own home. You should use organic products to create wonderful skincare concoctions.

Final steps

In case there is something you can’t manage to make, in the sea of synthetic products, there is still a small natural and organic heaven. There are small companies that have recognized the value of organic production. For all the things I was unable to make by myself, natural skincare products have served me as a wonderful and safe alternative that has never harmed my skin. If you can make your own, that is definitely the best option, and if not, there is still a handful of conscientious companies dedicated to making pure organic products that nourish and keep the skin from harm’s way.

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