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Yes, you can use a different essential oil. Please use the same quantity as indicated in the recipe and read the guidelines here to learn more about essential oils.

It’s very easy! Simply wash and disinfect your containers using the methods explained here.

Yes, you can use the microwave but be careful not to burn your ingredients! Think about them as chocolate. Only run the microwave for 30 seconds, check and mix your ingredients, then run the microwave again for 30 seconds. Continue like that until all ingredients are melted.

There can be 2 reasons why your balm is too solid.

First, if it’s been in the fridge for too long. Leave it at room temperature for 24 hours and that should fix it.

Second, if you’ve used too much wax. That can be caused by measuring the wrong quantities or using a measuring instrument that is not precise enough. Adding only a few extra grams or millilitres of wax to a recipe can actually change the full texture of the balm and make it very solid.

To fix it, you can melt the balm again, using a double boiler or the microwave. Then, add vegetable oil to it – that is carrier oils such as Jojoba, Argan, Avocado, Olive, Macadamia etc…, NOT essential oils. For the quantity, try half the quantity used in the original recipe. Mix well and let the balm set.

Measurements are always a level scoop. Fill the measuring scoop and level if off with a clean, dry knife.

We recommend using only our scoops when making your products. We’ve tried many different suppliers and noticed large discrepancies in measured quantities between scoops that were supposed to be the same size. 

Because we are passionate about offering quality products and encouraging the local economy, all our products are sourced from Australian suppliers.

Yes, all our products and workshops are vegan.

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