This article is all about why more and more people are now starting to make their skincare products at home ?

The pros and cons of DIY skincare - why make your own skincare?

I thought I would start with my own story, and tell you how DIY beauty changed and improved my life…

DIY Beauty is like a new world you decide to visit because you have a reason. My main reason was to improve my health and the health of the people I love. A few years back, I was using, as most people do, conventional products available in commerce to take care of my skin. I used not to look at all at the list of ingredients and just trust that the products were healthy and that they would work well. And then, my mum got breast cancer. She was still young when it happened, and it made me rethink my life completely. I started making my own DIY products and I just fell in love with DIY beauty! Suddenly, I was feeling that I could trust the products I was applying on my skin – and that feels really good! Did it improve my skin? Absolutely! I used to have dry cheeks, a very oily T-zone and plenty of adult acne. Now my T-zone is much less oily, my cheeks are normal and, while I still have hormonal acne, I reduced a lot the quantity of pimples on my face.

But more importantly than improving the way my skin looks, going down the DIY path made me feel better and healthier. I am still really annoyed that some products I used in the past contained toxic ingredients that entered my body and will remain there for years. I can’t stand thinking that these ingredients will get into the blood of my future babies, and in the milk I’ll feed to them. I feel that I’m failing at my responsibility, well future responsibility, to take care of them the best way I can. Now, this is a very personal reason of course. But as I said, if you are choosing to make your own DIY products, it is a commitment, so you need to think about why you are choosing to do that and why it is important to you.

And if you are not sure about why you would like to join the DIY tribe, let me help you with some other benefits of making your own skincare products!

Make your own skincare free courseIf you like natural products, you may say: it’s much easier to buy natural products available in commerce. After all, why lose time making your own hand cream when you can buy one on your way home? Well, first of all, and as you may be aware, the word “natural” used on packaging is not regulated in most countries. This means that there are no rules around what makes a product “natural”. So you still need to go through the list of ingredients before buying any of these products, plus you need to be confident that the company selling them has the right ethics.

In many of these products, there are also ingredients that are just added to the products for the purpose of making them look or smell nice, and some of these ingredients are completely unnecessary. Plus, products are manufactured so they fit a large amount of customers, which may not suit your particular type of skin or situation. Do you live in a polluted area? Do you have trouble sleeping and therefore should not use some ingredients that prevent sleep? Do you have a history of hormonal disorder or even cancers? Etc…

When you make your own skincare, you can customize it to your skin type, sensibility, age and any particular outcomes you want to achieve. It’s not a product made for a majority of the population, it’s a product made just for you! This is something I really love about DIY. Because my skin is very sensitive, I can tailor all my skincare products to my own condition. And on “fancy” days, I can change the way my products look or smell like, their colors, the essential oils I use etc. which, probably because I’m a girl, I also really enjoy doing!

To make your own skincare does NOT take as long as you may think! Believe me, I’m also a very busy person. I write novels, I have 3 blogs that I love, I sing in opera choruses and I love traveling and doing all sort of other activities! Yet, I take the time to make my and my partner’s skincare products because I think it’s so much healthier! Because I’ve been doing it for a long time, I know all the shortcuts. But just to give you an idea at this early stage: it can take from a few seconds to an hour to make a product. It only depends on what type of product you want to make and the ingredients you use. For instance, in my DIY skincare beginner course, I give you recipes that are customized to different skin types and they all take less than 3 minutes!

Lip balm - DIY Skincare Beginner Course
Nourishing Lip balm – a recipe from my online courses that teach students how to make their own skincare

Finally, another quick reason to embrace DIY beauty that I would like to mention, is that DIY can actually be much cheaper than buying your own products. For instance, I spend around $150 a year to get all the ingredients I need to make my skincare products. And I make quite a lot of them!! How much do you spend every month on your products? Also, ask yourself: how much would you pay for customized products made just for you? Probably much more than what you’ll end up paying if you buy ingredients and make your own skincare!

Now that I’ve given you this list of benefits, I’m asking you again, what would making your own skincare change for you? Imagine being able to tailor your products to the outcomes you want to achieve, and save money doing so! Imagine being able to feel that you can trust these products and that they are healthy for you and those around you. Some people also choose DIY Beauty simply because they like sharing this activity with their children and friends! What is your reason for choosing to make a change and do things differently?

Make your own skincare free courseBefore concluding this article, it’s also important to me that I should mention why DIY Beauty may not be for you. Just like some people like coffee and others tea, some love buying conventional beauty products in commerce and others choose to make their own skincare. I’m not here to judge, just to give you an understanding of the pros and cons of DIY Beauty so you can decide what is best for you. Let’s go through the “cons” now.

While some DIY skincare products can last a long time without preservatives, it’s important to know that the expiry date of most DIY products is around 3 months. The reason is simply that, in DIY Beauty, we do not use any harsh preservatives that may not be good for your skin and could prolong the shelf life of the products. This is why, in my beginner course, I give you recipes that don’t take long to do – from seconds to less than 3 minutes! This way it doesn’t take much of your time – in fact, it takes you less time than going to the shop to buy your products!

Face Serum - DIY Skincare Beginner Course
Beauty massage oil – another recipe from my online courses that teach students how to make their own skincare

Another important point to mention, is that by making your own products, you are the one who decides what is good for your skin or not, and to do that, you need to learn more about ingredients and recipes. This is why I’ve designed the DIY Beauty Program: so it brings you all the information you need and you know in advance how long it will take and what knowledge you will gain. But you do need to commit time, even if it’s just a few hours, to learn all this! Maybe think about it as time saved on reading all those product labels, since you’ll know exactly what ingredients are in your products.

All this takes us back to my question on why making your own skincare is important to you? This is a commitment and a change, and as with all changes, you will need to adapt and try new things. I hope you will say yes to that change and continue with me on this journey to a healthier skincare routine. And if you have doubts, just give it a try. This is why I’ve done a free course called “Introduction to DIY Skincare”. Watch the videos and try the bonus recipes, have fun and then decide if the DIY program or DY skincare is right for you.

Thanks for reading! As always, if you have any questions, just drop me a comment below or send me an email at ???

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