Corporate Natural Products workshops in Melbourne

Are you looking for truly unique team building workshops? Or an exciting way to celebrate a corporate event? Let’s make natural and sustainable products together!

We offer a choice of different workshops, both face-to-face in Melbourne and online. Our most popular workshops are:

  • DIY skincare routine, zero-waste and customisable
  • Make natural perfumes
  • Use native Australian ingredients
  • Online: deodorant and coffee scrubs using ingredients from the kitchen
  • Online with box of ingredients delivered: DIY body balm, beauty routine or solid deodorant

We’ve run these workshops for private events, charities and companies, such as at the MCG to celebrate international women’s day. They are always very fun as participants interact to exchange their thoughts on the products and can also ask their own questions!

We can tailor the workshop program and duration to suit your objectives, group size and budget.

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